Wednesday, March 28, 2012

rootless quasi-mega post

I can't compete with DC's artful photos or anything, but here's a quick round-up of new shit I'm listening to:

--Young Magic, "Melt": I'm still digesting this album, and for some reason I can't stop associating it with hip-hop, the name just sounds like some kind of MC. But it's really indie-rock with a lot of electronic elements. It moves in a lot of different directions, that's probably why I'm still working through it, but it's a good listen.

--Daughter: They have a few EPs that I've been listening too. I've been into female vocalists lately and these are full of dark themes, good song-writing.

--Nicholas Jaar, "Space is only Noise": I think this dude is an early 20-something student at Brown, his family was artsy and Chilean, and he was supposedly exposed to a lot of different music and weird situations early in his life. I really like this album. It's got great spoken word samples, the kind you find in Board of Canada where you stop what you're doing and listen closely to what's being said. Some really subtle cool songs here, at times it's dance music, but way more cagey and interesting than most dance music.

--White Rabbits: These guys are from Brooklyn and have a few albums, I've been working through their oeuvre, they kind of remind me of Cold War Kids a bit, check out a track called "the company I keep", that's my fav.

--Chairlift, "something": this is an electronic duo and some of ya'll would hate it (you know who you are), but it's a really killer album. the singer has a great voice and presence, the songs are super-catchy, really original. check out the video for "amanaemonesia".

--Daniel Rossen: this is one of the guys from Grizzly Bear, if you like them you'll like this, really good stuff.

--First Aid Kit: I think these chicks are sisters from Sweden? I think that's what I heard, I don't feel like looking it up, but it's kind of the country tip, think Nekko Case, feeling this on car rides lately.

DC mentioned Mirroring, that's been in rotation, that is Grouper + Tiny Vipers and I've been checking out Tiny Vipers a bit, pretty cool. DC also mentioned Jason Urick, that album's been in high rotation for a while. I've had a car for the last few months and really there isn't anything better when driving than the Black Keys and the War on Drugs.

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