Wednesday, April 14, 2010


What's up, dudes. Nothing especially blogworthy to report, but the site is hurting for content, so here are a few random records that happen to be on the shelf next to my computer.

Garcia's first solo album from 1972. Really good. Even though it has Dead classics like "Sugaree", "Loser", and, my #1 Dead jam, "The Wheel", it also has some bugged out spacey interludes a la Beatles "Number 9".

Tonto's Expanding Head Band? Where did I get this? I don't what the fuck this record is about. It has some good samples, crazy synth moog I think.

Ten Years After, "Stonedhenge". This is really one of my fave albums, this shit is so good. So good i captaincrawled it for a link for your convenience. This is actually like the third copy of this I have. I would always find it at Garage Sales and shit but the copies would always be trashed. Finally I scored a clean copy.

First album by The Rapture on white vinyl on Sub Pop. I know it is kind of esoteric and douchebaggy to always say "i like their early stuff", but, yo, I do like this album the best, it has that disco funkiness buried somewhere, but so aggressive and rough. DFA and James Murphy would come along to shine these guys up a year or so later, but this first record is so raw and immediate and sparse, its one of my faves.

Stay up, homies.

D-Nice aka "Strongbow"


Gabino said...

Thanks for the TYA link, I'm a sucker for that era. Check out "Cricklewwod Green" by them, a friend just got me into it last year

Igor said...

I love TYA. Thanks, man. Also, the visuals- awesome.

blablazo said...

Hey - I have that Garcia LP. Just picked up Hooteroll? at the flea market on Saturday.