Thursday, April 15, 2010

Long Fin Killie

I've been a big fan of Luke Sutherland's band Bows since I picked up their second and final disc, Cassidy (Too Pure 2001). And, though I have almost bleached the ones and zeros off that disc with 10 or so years of laser light and overplay, for some reason I never went back and checked out his previous band Long Fin Killie. Not until this week, that is, when a recently discovered blog that a friend had led me to to grab an amazing array of live and vinyl-only Shellac material surfaced the first record, Houdini, and I groggily hit play on my way to work yeterday.

(On a side note, what's with the internet these days? It's a crackdown chill like the end of the Cultural Revolution- great blogs are dropping like flies on a dry evil wind. The site I found Houdini on is gone now.)

Long Fin Killie was 3 records in 4 years- '95, '96, '98. Two of them here. Some other stuff here. It was post-rock guitar squall and free jazz and spoken word. This guy says it was the reason Mogwai formed. Sutherland also played violin on Mogwai's Young Team, so there may be some merit in that. I'm giving Houdini another close listen today, then it's on to the others. What do you guys think?


Bill Zink said...

I think the blog you are looking for has relocated. Try

rootless said...

I hear you on the blog thing, it is a battle to sort through links to find the album you are looking for, curse you web sheriff.....