Sunday, April 25, 2010

Garage Sale Scores

Scored some good music at a garage sale this weekend. LIke 20 something albums, i think.

This was the big score, Brian Eno box set from mid 80's with all this albums from 1973-1983, plus rarities disc and some other box-only LP. All the records inside are in original packaging with original covers, etc. Score to get at the Garage Sale nice price, and will act as a good bookend for the record shelf. Booyah.

Anyone know what's up with Peter Green? I feel like i've seen this before, the jaguar with the robotic font. This record is real good, kind of early 70's white boy blues vibe.

I never knew that that part of first Tortoise album where a robot voice is saying "Monday... Tuesday... Wednesday.." is actually a sample from "The Who Sell Out". Huh. Did they clear that?

This is a solo joint by the guy from Tangerine Dream, so its all super mellow ambient synth tunes with water drop sound effects in back ground. Pretty good, think i'll find samples on it.


p.s. went and saw Tobacco of Black Moth Super Rainbow fame with EJ last night. Pretty wacky, it was good. We had no idea what to expect.. 5 man band? Solo? It was basically him playing a bass, a mic, and a lap top, and some chick who looked like his girlfriend or something doing some kind of compuer/effects thing, and massive crazy visual component with footage of like 80's pornos and random infomercials and the like. here's an example from YouTube.



Igor said...

Holy god, what is that Eno treasure you have your mitts on?

Igor said...

OK, now that I've actually read what that is, what's the box-only EP? Anything good on it? Has the stuff on it appeared anywhere else since?

DC said...

I gotta assume that the box set rarities have been re-released in the almost THIRTY YEARS that have gone by since 1983 (wait, that can't be right... because i was like 8... and now i'm... if you carry the one... damn).