Thursday, May 13, 2010

BSS "Forgiveness Rock Record"

Just got it off emusic. It's more of the same from them--and that's, if you ask me, a good thing. This band has a great sense of melody and arrangements. Not to sound patronizing, but they're "mature" if you know what I mean. The chorus in the single "Forced to Love" has a change that is just fucking gorgeous. They have the ability to mix in electronic instruments (synths, drums) in a way that doesn't sound wankily trendy. Generally, they're ambitious within a pop context; and that's something I appreciate.

Some bands incite those of us who are musicians to get crackin' on the music making. BSS is one of those for me. They kind of toss down a friendly challenge. Sufjan Stevens, Sparklehorse, Lambchop, Dosh are other examples of those kinds of artists. On the other hand, some bands I just like/love. Radiohead, for example, don't inspire me that way (perhaps because I recognize I don't have a hope in hell in going down their path, either due to my lack of skill or my lack of sheer artistic talent!).

Anyways, lame post, but I want to start contributing a bit more to this blog.


Gabino said...

I've always meant to dabble in Lambchop, where to start? Diggingthe BSS

Clark Starr said...

For Lambchop, I'd start with "Nixon."

Igor said...

I love OH (Ohio) by Lambchop, but I'm a Jonny-come-lately.

Igor said...

I also really, really liked Damaged.