Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Team Ghost/Solvent

Check out Team Ghost's debut EP. It's the half of M83 that made the S/T M83 and Dead Cities, Red Seas & Lost Ghosts such sad and epic affairs. You Never Did Anything Wrong to Me (aforementioned debut EP) is seven tracks of that, plus fuzzed out '90s guitar a la... wait for the hackneyed rock critic comparison... My Bloody Valentine.

Also on the electronic tip, I saw yesterday that Solvent is playing at Home Sweet Home on 6/9/10 in support of a new album I didn't know he had out. "My Radio", from 2004's Apples and Synthesizers has always threatened to bring the waterworks, as the song's narrator laments the loss of a friend in commercial radio from behind a heavy vocoder effect.
"It doesn't seem so long ago/when I loved you, my radio/you promised me so much/but now you've changed/you always played my favorite songs/those red-hot disco marathons/inspired me to buy my first machines/You've changed and I don't know why/so strange you never said good-bye."
There's also a good Schneider TM reworking of this tune out there, wherein he switches the lyrics to "late night punk rock marathons/inspired me to buy my first guitar."

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