Sunday, May 23, 2010

Real Estate, Revisited

Back in November, Bill Zink had a pretty scathing post about how wack the somewhat acclaimed (by Pitchfork) Real Estate album was. He had said there is "more depth and texture to white noise".

At the time i gave it a quick listen and wrote it off as indie bullshit, but since then i have listened to it a lot and it has actually become a fave. The songwriting has hooks and nuance, its not like technically they don't have chops, and it is just a good mellow record to throw on and enjoy without thinking too much. Whatever, maybe give it another chance.

Anywho, the Monastics had a gig in Williamsburg on Friday and i had some time to kill so i cruised by Academy Records and got some cool stuff, one of which is this Real Estate EP on Mexican Summer. It doesn't come with a download... but it does come with a cassette copy! That's pretty esoteric, granted, but i was able to listen to it in my car on the way home.

Also noteworthy, I got this Alice Coltrane record at a Garage Sale for $1.00:

Lastly, anyone want to volunteer to pimp the site with new layout/color scheme?



rootless said...

waiting on the digital rip on some of those records, hook me up.

EJ said...