Monday, May 31, 2010

local natives, LA electronic music, etc.

Local Natives debut album "Gorilla Manor" has been on the headphones quite a bit lately. I've read that people are calling them the "west coast Grizzly Bear", but I hear the Fleet Foxes a lot more clearly, some early Police, maybe a bit of their fellow Californians Pinback as well.

The new Tobacco, "Maniac Meat" is about as dope as you'd expect. I did ultimately score the new Band of Horses for free (take that We%b Sheriff!). It's cool, but like their other albums a little inconsistent, and the places that aren't that great are worse than their misses on previous albums. Can't decide if I was influenced by the review I read on Pitchfork before I ultimately got my hands on it.

Check out this story on the LA electronic music/DJ/hip hop scene. I love the way the music is defying categories and blowing minds, and I also dig how Flying Lotus is talked about as the Jimi Hendrix of electronic music.

Listened to Richard Strauss' "Four Last Songs: Death and Transfiguration" this morning, heavy but beautiful.

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