Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Steve Reid

Damn, missed this.

Steve Reid died a few weeks ago. Wax Poetics's site did a nice thing about him, check it out.

Steve Reid was a free jazz/spiritual jazz drummer who most recently was collaborateing with Kieran Hebden (Fourtet). If you haven't checked out those Kieran Hebden and Steve Reid "The Exchange Sessions" discs, I recommend them. They are probably Captain Cralwable, or else hit me up and i can put them on a CDR trade in the mail because I'm old school like that.


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EJ said...

That's sad. He was a really beautiful cat...that show I saw with him and 4-Tet was awesome. There was a part of the show where he was playing drums while reciting poetry. The poetry was about life in the land of drums, where people don't hate each other, cops don't beat you up because of your color, and all you do is play drums with respect with those around you. It was pretty moving.