Monday, September 20, 2010

Blues Control

I hit up a record show at the Brooklyn Flea this weekend. Got a bunch of stuff: Doug and Jean Carn "Higher Ground" OG in shrink wrap for $5? Anyone feel that? A couple of really good Ravi Shankar records, and this Albert Ayler CD Box Set that has really cool packaging. Some jazz records.

But the main score was this little gem by Blues Control. I feel like I've heard the name but never checked them out. Think they are connected through the Not Not Fun scene out of LA, maybe? I have no gauge if anyone out there in the omniverse understands these references or even knows what the fuck I'm talking about.

Anywho, this album, "Puff", was "Woodsist #3", third thing Woodsist label ever put out, way out of print, and as I mentioned before I'm publicly on this labels' jock so I picked it up. Lucky for you I found it on the interwebs, because I'm too lazy to record the vinyl. THey also have another new one that's good called "Local Flavor" that may be a little more accessible.

Is this one of those extremely esoteric posts that turns people off the blog? Download it and check it out, let your ears decide. Track #3 is my jam "Behind the Skies".



P.S. Oh, I also checked out the new No Age CD which I was really psyched about, but it was kind of gay. I hate to say that because those guys seem super cool and I love their older stuff so much but it sounds like they were writing it to get picked up for a show on the WB like Gossip Girl or some shit.

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Bill Zink said...

They're New Yorkers, though I can't narrow it down any further than that. Road warriors as well - I've seen them three times in the last few years, and missed them as many times as I've seen them. They've got a steady connection here in Louisville, so they stop here on their way out west each time, and usually on the way back as well. Great shows. And nice people, too.