Friday, September 17, 2010

It is quitting time yet?

Haven't posted in a while, feeling bored and apathetic at work and concerned that I'm staring too long at pictures of Inez Sainz so I thought posting would be a good idea.

I went to Glasslands last weekend to check out Twin Shadow, but I left after just checking out one band, Distraction I think they were called, from Chicago, because Twin Shadow was going to go on at like 1:30 in the morning and there were more important things (ACV) to attend to. So, DC, Twin Shadow ain't for you so stop reading. Dude's on the laptop-electronic-depeche mode tip, his album "Forget" is kind of hit or miss for me, the best tracks are the fist one "Tyrant Destroyed" and "Castles Made of Snow", I like the vibe on those. Captaincrawl that if it sounds interesting, he's a moody brooklyn dude into muscle cars.

Saw some abstract ambient laptop stuff at Zebulon last night, best one was Lawrence English, Australian dude, kind of on the William Basinski tip, I love that stuff, the whole room got hushed (except for a bunch of pierced, pale girl-with-the-dragon-tatoo nordic kids sitting next to me) and the music was meditative, swelling and fading in and out, really beautiful. And speaking of that kind of stuff, I got this program on my Mac that is an alarm clock that fades in music to wake me up, been exlusively listening to Koen Holtkamp's album, "Field Rituals", I think someone posted about that on here, he's one of the two dudes in Mountains, great record, highly recommeded for waking up or going to sleep to.

A'ight, that passed some time. Have a good weekend.

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