Tuesday, September 14, 2010



This is via my man Danger Pup. 2 new Shadow tracks (that are really good, I should add)... free download for next 24 hours, or you can stream them.

Hope this is going to be the Shadow comeback album! I know, i know... don't call it a comeback, The Outsider was him telling the world that he is beyond samples, blah blah blah... but i like the direction on these two tracks.




DangerPup said...

DC - thanks for posting this. Those tracks are really good, I may listen to them all day.

They keep extending the free download another day, so get a copy if you haven't.

DC said...

If you download the tracks, you are automatically signed up to the dJshadow.com mailing list. Leading to buying more merch and going to more shows.

Shadow has spoken out with strong words on "illegal" downloads, but looks like he cracked the code of how to work the new paradigm.

Yeah, I said paradigm.