Thursday, September 9, 2010

Sufjan EP, Julian Lynch "Mare"

Emusic makes me stoopid sometimes. I took a risk on these two darlings and I crapped out. I have most of Sufjan Stevens' prior records (except for BQE, I couldn't stomach that concept). This new one just doesn't do it for moi. Some long-ass songs that sound... well... long. The tweeness just ring hollow this time. On some of he previous efforts, there's real emotion (I know cheesy, but true). I don't get that here.

The Julian Lynch record, "Mare," suffers a bit from the same thing, it just feels calculated. According to wankfork, he's going to be collaborating with Kanye--I'm not sure what that says, but it says something. I should say, however, that this one has a chance to grow on me. I kind of despised the big Bon Iver record the first 4-5 times I listened to it, now I love it.

On the same emusic binge I bought The 'Mats "Don't Tell a Soul" and the Wilco/Bragg "Mermaid Avenue" thingamajig. "Don't Tell a Soul" was kind of disparaged when it came out, but dang it aged well. The Wilco/Bragg thing isn't as good as I remember it being, but the song "One by One" is an all-timer, worth the price of admission.


Julian Lynch said...

Wait I'm going to be collaborating with Kanye?

Julian Lynch said...

You gotta link me to that; seems like pretty big news in my life

CS said...

Ha! See, I had the Bon Iver dude on my mind... got it all mixed up. Oh well... the internets. Anyways, listened to the whole record today, and lo, it is growing on me.

rootless said...

I haven't checked out this record, but on the BQE record, I had no problem with the concept, but every time I check it out I think it's terrible.