Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Tallest Man on Earth (Deerhunter)

I saw Tallest Man on Earth last night at Webster Hall. Tickets were available over the weekend, but I guess it sold out, line around the corner and up 3rd Ave. For those that don't know, Tallest Man on Earth is Kristian Matsson, of Sweden, and the first time you hear him you think "Bob Dylan". But he's got his own thing going on and the more you listen the more that comes out. I really liked his first album "Shallow Graves", but his newest one, "The Wild Hunt" is even better. Really great show, and I have such respect for the guy to be able to play solo and totally capture everyone's attention in that place. He said it was the "biggest indoor show" he'd ever done, a sold out night in NY as the guy is blowing up, so it kind of had a special feel to it. He's a killer guitar player and he's got such a strong vocal presence. I got all my favorite songs--"I won't be Found", "King of Spain", and "the Wild Hunt"--early on so I was psyched.
BTW, anyone got the new Deerhunter record yet? I haven't even captaincrawled it but I would guess the record companies are going to be working the blog patrol pretty hard on this one.


ator said...

i purchased the new Deerhunter album online and am greatly looking forward to having it show up on my doorstep soon

also recently purchased: the first new Three Mile Pilot album in 10+ years. Cant wait to hear this. They released a 7" with a couple of tracks a while back, and they're typically outstanding

for bands this size that give me much joy, i will gladly spring for the albums :)

rootless said...

Ator, can we link up through DC and yousendit.com to me? Would really appreciate that

Gabino said...

If someone is firing up the yousendit Id love both of these. Thanks Bros!

tj river said...

New Deerhunter? How did I miss that?! All over it.

I agree wholeheartedly, Ator. Case in point: Just sprang for the new Arcade Fire (great) and the new Neil Young (also great).

ator said...

Guys, the new Deerhunter CD is selling for 7.99 on Amazon. Thats tax free and it qualifies for free shipping. To me, bands this size who are doing it for the right reasons and putting out high-quality music deserve all the support that they can get.

Having said that, if yer adamant about doing a swap on this one, hit me at: "ator_iv AT yahoo.com" and I'll hook up a yousendit. I cant promise it'll be done in a prompt manner, though ;)

rootless said...

Ator, about to send you an email asking for the Deerhunter album.

No one is feeling Tallest Man on Earth?? I've been thinking about that show all week, dude is really good.