Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Broken Moog Blues

(rare picture of the Scoobie Brothers, (c) 2009 Bea Finkel)

The Scoobie Brothers called me up last Thursday and told me they had some new material. I immediately booked some studio time, and after a marathon 36 hour session fueled by energy drinks, Courvoisier and Ibogaine, the latest Scoobie Brothers joint was recorded directly to Ampex.

I whipped this video together, and here you are, just in time for your Christmas party playlist... "Broken Moog Scoob" by the Scoobie Brothers.

I also took this opportunity to post all the videos from "Darkside (of the Scoob)" on one site: www.thescoobiebrothers.com

Lastly, for MP3's of all Darkside releases to date, holla at me and I'll yousendit it to you. This month only, special introductory price of free.

Happy Thanksgiving.


p.s. December is coming and any WWALT member who is not a pussy will take a minute to do a year end best of type joint.


tj river said...

Scoob! Just what I needed.

I have SB EP, NEW SCOOB EP and IT'S THE NEW SCOOB. Heavy rotation today. Is that everything?

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone.

EJ said...


DC said...

Word up! The "It's The New Scoob!" EP is still up on our Myspace page because i forgot my password and can't update it: http://www.myspace.com/thescoobiebrothers

rootless said...

I second the "DOPE" sentiment.

ator said...

this shit is sweet btw..... and nice visuals to boot!