Saturday, November 6, 2010

John Cage, Warpaint and more on Eno

My buddy Rindy and I have a discussion group called The Junta and he's got a good post up about John Cage. He was kind enough to scan the New Yorker story about Cage, if you're interested in his music it's a great read.

Here is the latest album by Warpaint, an all female-band from LA, I'm a fan, listening to their new album now, lots of dark blended voices and more electronic elements on this album, they are growing.

Also, after I read that Eno interview I really wanted to check out his new album, Small Craft on a Milk Sea. But I wasn't even looking for it when I stumbled upon it on some blog, can't remember which and don't feel like searching for it now. But it's way cool and different than any Eno album I've heard (though I'm not an Eno authority). If any of ya'll have trouble finding it hit me up and I'll yousendit to you. I also threw down $4 (who says I won't pay for music?) for the Bloom app and I could waste away many hours in the 5th dimension messing with that.....

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