Friday, November 12, 2010

Three Mile Pilot: The Inevitable Past Is the Future Forgotten

This is a 2010 release. After not playing together for 13 years the band is back, and better than ever. I have one of their discs from the 90's and it's drums, bass and vocals only. A little too arty for my taste. This release has much more refined song writing, and with piano, synth the sound is much richer. Indie rockers Armistead Burwell Smith iv from Pinback, and Pall Jenkins from Blackheart Procession are the founders of the band. Check it out!


DC said...

Feel like I've heard them name-checked but never checked them out. I dig it... definitely has that Pinback vibe. Thanks, SOS.

ator said...

Great album, definitely one of my tops for 2010.

Three Mile Pilot were one of the progenitors of the underground and art rock scenes in San Diego. Might seem weird, but that place has spawned a lot of great bands.

My understanding is that Zach (the bass player) is currently working on the new Pinback album, and then Three Mile Pilot might do some touring behind this new album... so look out for them in a town near you!