Saturday, December 25, 2010

2010 wrap-up

Since my main ninja DC Loochatron threw down the gauntlet about the 2010 "best of" post, I gotta answer the call. I feel like, overall, this year was slow for me in regards to acquiring, digesting, and appraising new music. Some years are just like that. I feel like it was a year of "comfort music," where I really just relied on tried and true tracks from the past to take me to my happy place.
However, I wasn't completely asleep at the wheel in 2010, so the little that I came across in my musical endeavors I will share with you now...

Best Album: "Halcyon Digest" - Deerhunter. Everyone's kinda jocking this band hard right now, but eff it. It's a really really great listen. I do hope that Deerhunter brings back more of their Sonic Youth/noise/experimental influence in the future, though. Don't get me wrong, there are some tracks on this record that are basically sonic perfection. I must have listened to "Desire Lines" 100 times in the past two months.

Best older stuff I finally got around to: The Misfits. I never really ever listened to these guys. I think the whole "horror" thing turned me off for a long time and put me off listening to any of their stuff. For some reason I thought I'd get (read: download) a bunch of their stuff and check it out. It's really amazing. They carve out two-minute gems of high-energy punk with lyrics about demons, monsters, and aliens. Pretty cool.

Old Boards Of Canada EPs - There are a lot of fakes out there claiming to be BOC EPs, but there are some legit ones as well, like "Hi Scores." I've been rocking this one nonstop. Favorite tracks are "Hi Scores," "Seeya Later," "Everything You Do Is A Balloon."

Best video:

Best "electronica": "Oversteps" - Autechre
"Cosmogramma" - Flying Lotus
"Combed Over Chrome" - Raleigh Moncrief
"Songs For Trees And Cyborgs" - Robot Koch

Blog I found most of my 2010 downloads on:

Best album coupled with best use of bizarre "ET porn" in a live show: "Maniac Meat" - Tobacco. Killer album. And yes, the live show featured some visuals of esoteric German pornography depicting ET having sex with humans. Ew.

Best music news of 2010: Godspeed You! Black Emperor announced their North American tour.

Lamest news: John Mayer is still allowed to make music.

Saddest news: The death of Captain Beefheart.


DC said...

Yeah E.

rootless said...

What up with:"Combed Over Chrome" - Raleigh Moncrief & "Songs For Trees And Cyborgs" - Robot Koch

Also, word to earpussy.

EJ said...

Combed Over Chrome and Songs For Trees And Cyborgs are pretty much dubstep; really dark and gritty, kind of like grime but without the rapping with funny British accents.