Monday, December 6, 2010

Headdress - Turquoise

This is a record I picked up in the used bin at Other Music a while back. It had a good vibe and it was on Mexican Summer label (home of Valet, Real Estate, and Kurt Vile releases...) and it was under $10.00. Maybe $5.00? So i gambled on it with no other knowledge.

It has slowly grown on me. It is in heavy rotation for the crucial after-10:00PM-on-a-weeknight slot. It's super mellow, reverby guitars, I don't even think there are drums.

Because the music is kind of anonymous and since i bought it in a vacuum with no info about the band, i think i took it for granted. But the other night I had the A-HA moment where i realized "Hey, this is really great record!"

I found it on this blog, here you go my friends.

Check it out.

There is one track where these guys do coyote/wolf howling sounds for like a solid minute... don't let that turn you off, just fast forward it.

I got a mega post in the wings, and my epic 2010 wrap up which will blow minds.



blablazo said...

Discogs says this LP is on 180g vinyl, limited to 500 copies and had a download coupon. There is one for sale on there for $20 so it looks like you made out fairly well if you got it for $5.

I'm interested to see your 2010 list and everyone elses. Mine will just be reggae 7"s, house 12"s and the two new Orb LPs (Baghdad Batteries and the one that featured David Gilmour - Metallic Spheres). Can't say I've listened to much other new shit. And the new stuff I've heard like that Arcade Fire joint hasn't really done much for me.

DC said...

"180g vinyl, limited to 500 copies" DC!!! DC!!!

rootless said...

This is dope, listening to it right now, and that blog has got some good other stuff too.