Saturday, February 19, 2011

Beans - End it All

I have been a fan of Beans since I saw his 2003 Warp release up there on the wall at the Wicker Park Reckless Records in Chicago. Always more concerned with electronic production and the uniqueness of his aesthetic than with the hackneyed good life tropes that cycle through their changes across the land of hip-hop as regular as the seasons, that record captured me before I heard it. The Ming the Merciless high-collared getup he was in, the purple shark fin mohawk, and the Photoshop lens flare coming off his glasses... the sci-fi nod to electronics in his image told me this was a cool cat.

Like the group he was in before, Anti-Pop Consortium, the output itself over the course of his career has been pretty hit-or-miss, but it's always so focused on electronics and originality first and foremost that when it does tip the scales into "rad" it does so in a big way.
This is all just to say that the new record, End it All, is really, really good, from 00:00:00:00 to end of tape. Every song has a different producer, but it still manages to feel cohesive. It also means that, once a producer is out of ideas the listener isn't subjected to his b-list stuff to fill out the album.
If I have managed to implement the code to play this player I found properly, you can listen to the whole record here. My favorite tracks here are "Deathsweater" and "Blue Movie", but there is work here from dudes all over sonic spectrum. Chris Clark, one of my favorite electronic artists, even does a track.

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