Saturday, February 19, 2011

Uh, what?

The new Radiohead dropped yesterday.

Downloading it now.

Is this old news? Do all you guys have a leaked version already and i'm late to the party?



tj river said...

Yeah pretty nuts - the news dropped out of the sky on Monday and it released yesterday. Those guys.

I'm a huge fan. Haven't been let down yet. This one included. Loving it.

Gabino said...

grabbed it off yesterday before it got pulled, sounding good.

Igor said...

Does anyone have any insight as to what is meant by the subtitle for the record, "the world's first newspaper album"?
I'm finding this one way more impenetrable than "In Rainbows." The vocals are beautiful, but I can't tell what he's singing yet, nor am I 100% behind the electronics they're using on this one. This is going to take some time to digest.