Wednesday, February 23, 2011

DSE Scoob

Wow. What a huge week for music. First the new Radiohead comes out, now the Scoobie Brothers drop a new one on you.

I asked the Brothers for a quote on the new track, "DSE Scoob". Brother #1 (names removed due to legal issues - ed.) said that the new jam is "a commentary on the affects of modern day influences towards the loss of innocence of todays youth". Brother #2 simply said "That beat! That beat!!!"

DSE Scoob:

Why not waste a half hour of your life and watch all the SB videos to date again for old times sake? THE SCOOBIE BROTHERS.COM



jim turbert said...

it's been a loooong time, but i'm still alive. for real.

i'm into these scoobie videos. you are a fine curator of both visual and aural samples.


K. Lastima said...

Ever check out Nurse With Wound? I think you'd be down. Another prime vid, yo.