Friday, February 4, 2011

What Am I Listening To?

Yoko fucking Ono, that's what!


Gabino said...

Hmm, I'm going to need some convincing before I mediafire this thing, but I'm open. Mr. Zink?

Bill Zink said...

Well, you know how they always talk about Yoko's caterwauling? It's on this album!

Imagine if Yoko showed up, kicked Paul and George out of the Beatles, grabbed a roadie to play bass, fed everyone crystal meth, and then told them to imitate Can. Then, after imbibing herself, she proceeds to wail over the proceedings like a demented Diamanda Galas, only much more punk rock.

Well, that's the first song.

Bill Zink said...

Ornette Coleman shows up later (with David Izenson AND Charlie Haden on bass!)

Gabino said...

Damn you Bill Zink, now I actually want to hear it!

Gabino said...

Well, musically it was very cool, but the vocals got the best of me after awhile. I definitely give her props for being so in your face. It made me want to listen to The Swell Maps?

Bill Zink said...

Swell Maps? I can see that.

Seriously though, all my Beatlemaniac-baiting aside, I really like this album. I listened to John's Plastic Ono Band record yesterday, and I think together, they make an amazing document.

But, yeah, you got to be able to live with Yoko's singing. I happen to really like it.

Sometime in the early 90's, the Catkillers teamed up with David Miller's "out" jazz band, Uthaus, to do a cover of "Why?". I sang. I couldn't talk for the next five days.