Saturday, February 19, 2011

The Faces - Coast to Coast: Overture and Beginners

Went to a used book store today and got this for $5 on vinyl. Recorded live in 1973 at the Hollywood Palladium and Anaheim Convention Center. 3 Faces tracks and lots of covers. Angel by Hendrix, Jealous Guy by john Lennon, I wish it would rain by the Temptations. The production is not that great, and the playing is a little ragged, but from what I read that is how their live shows were. This video is from the same tour.


Gabino said...

Ha, had this vinyl. I got it in a cutout bin in the mall when I was a kid, which means I paid either $.99 or $1.99

Honestly, in my humble(hipster douche-bag) opinion, for completists only. Is Ronnie Lane on bass at all? Thought it was that Asian dude on the LP, despite that vid. Nice Gatefold Terry Gilliam-esque graphics, but the best part of this album is in the Thank You's when they list all the booze they drank. Grab that Box set instead, essential brit classic rock that mostly hasn't been played to death on these shores.

Gabino said...

Hey, I was a little harsh on that last post. I haven't heard it in years, it's probably cool. Nice graphics.

shadow of shathragot said...

Ha! Right on! Ronnie Lane quit right before the tour started. Most of the reviews regard this as a weak effort, but an out of print Faces record on vinyl is something I had to check out!