Tuesday, October 18, 2011


Who gave me "The Mighty Mellow" comp? Pete? I think it was you, and I think I also got like 10 Funky Latin Boogaloo Funk Compilations from you.

Anyway, "The Mighty Mellow" was doing it for me last night. Nothing too rare but a great collection of jams to wash the dishes to.

What are some stand out comps that have stood the test of time for y'all?

This is pretty random, but Give 'Em Enough Dope Vol 2 ("acid jazz" comp from mid-90's) has always been a high water point for that particular genre.

100% Dynamite comps and Studio One comps on Soul Jazz Records are also pretty timeless.

Comps! Am I right?!?! Discuss.



Gabino said...

Always dug all those Luv & Haight comps, and that Pulp Fusion series.

Pete said...

I liked a lot of the comps that Harmless released. The Soul Jazz comps are great too. Did you ever hear New York Noise? Late 70s-Early 80s Punk/Funk, Disco Not Disco type stuff. ESG, Liquid Liquid, etc. Good stuff.