Sunday, October 9, 2011

My Guitar Wants to Kill Your Momma


This was always my favorite track off of Weasels' Ripped my Flesh (a weird album even for Zappa). This is a great song to have stuck in your head at almost any time...

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Bill Zink said...

WEASELS RIPPED MY FLESH is one of my favorite Zappa albums, probably because it is full of outtakes from the UNCLE MEAT era, and that record is my definite favorite of his. It's a really interesting record because you can see the transition between the free-blowing super-outside direction he was headed on UNCLE MEAT toward the more fusion-oriented stuff he would turn to on HOT RATS and BURNT WEENIE SANDWICH, especially "Little House I Used to Live In" (see "Orange County Lumber Truck" on WEASELS). Also around are a couple of the "satire" songs like "My Guitar Wants to Kill Your Mama" & "Oh No", which hearken back to the first three Mothers albums. This satire, which was so sharp in the sixties and early seventies, got more and more debased as time went on, until by THING FISH in the mid 80's, you were left with an inescapable conclusion: Frank Zappa was an asshole. A talented asshole, but an asshole nonetheless.