Wednesday, October 26, 2011

True Widow, "As High As The Highest Heavens And From The Center To The Circumference Of The Earth"

If Torche were Sonic Youth, and Sonic Youth were the American Analog Set, and they in turn were a very pensive stoner metal band (or if they in turn were Torche again), that whole process of sleight of hand would constitute this band, True Widow.  Slow walking rock from Austin.  I've been listening to little else this week.  This one is pretty easy to find out there (and two of their records are on the feted/hated Spotify).  I also have a few versions of their tracks that I sped up using the time stretch function in Logic until they sounded more conventionally metal to me. If anyone wants to hear those, I'll get them to you.

Seeing War on Drugs tonight, Shellac tomorrow, and I saw the new Replacements documentary last Friday.  This is a good music week for me.

Here's a Tres MTV video from these guys:


DC said...

I've been rocking this a lot since you posted, thanks

Gabino said...

good stuff, thanks for the tip, and your description is spot on.

Igor said...

Word, glad you guys like. I have not been able to stop listening- I have yet to hear their S/T, but I really, really dig the I.N.O. EP they did before this record. They have some amazing guitar distortion/crunch/amplifier something going on on the I.N.O. EP that is kind of muddied out in the production on the newer record.