Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Record Sale Saturday

I'm having a Brooklyn Stoop Sale Record Sale on Saturday, just like the old days. Camping out on my friends stoop. Everything is $5.00 bucks. Grab a big stack, I'm ready to wheel and deal, bulk discount. 11th Street between 7th and 8th Avenues, 10:00 AM, Saturday Saturday Saturday!!!

As I've been going through records to sell I've been working on a killller all vinyl psych mix tape. Holla at me and i'll send it to you, but may have to be via the post office because i think YouSendIt raised their prices (I hear through the grapevine)?

If you know anybody who likes records in BK tell them to check me out. DC~! DC!@!!!!!


Gabino said...

How did it go?

DC said...

Pretty good. All the record collector crack heads were sniffing around by 9:30. One dude who owns a shop bought like 75 records right out the gate. I sold like 2 full crates. DC!