Friday, October 28, 2011

The Seven Fields of Aphelion

I have gotten like 20GB of "ambient" music from Rootless... basically the spectrum from like new age wind chimes type shit to minimal electronic bleep bloop type stuff.

Like any major data dump, a lot of it gets lost in the shuffle, but even more so for this particular genre where the music itself doesn't stand out especially. Is that wind chime melody that's stuck in my head Ituske Daiiichi? Or Dichu Miuske? (I made those up, but you get the gist).

But, again like any major MP3 kick down, certain things rise to the surface. That's what happened with The Seven Fields of Aphelion. While most of the other ambient joints got removed from my iPhone, and many got removed from my iTunes, this one stayed in the rotation. Not sure why, it has a different texture or palette... semi-weirdo synth textures but with beautiful piano on top.

Finally this week (after listening on repeat several times while trying to sleep off a hangover on my commute) (and then continuing to listen on Spotify once I got to work) I decided to google them and see what's up.

You can imagine my surprise when it turns out "they" are actually just one chick who happens to be a member of Black Moth Super Rainbow! I can't lie, I liked this album but that makes me like it exponentially more. EJ, this is the chick who was on stage with Tobacco that one time when we saw them in Williamsburg.

Here's her site... she is also a photographer, I like her stuff, you can buy it on Etsy.

My wife said "what is this new age shit?" when i played it at home, but still, I definitely recommend checking out her CD "Periphery", be it on Spotify or for those of you with more integrity you can buy a copy direct from her to make sure she gets maximum $$$ to her pocketbook. Maybe steal the CD off MediaFire but buy one of her pictures off of Etsy.

The Dizzle


rootless said...

You're full of surprises, man, I thought that album would be a lock for something you HATE. But maybe, just maybe, you're growing.

tj said...

This is great. Tunes and photos made my day.

BMSR is approaching WWALT mascot status.

blablazo said...

I have no integrity but I like the image.