Saturday, December 10, 2011

access over ownership: one man's saga/capitulation

So I finally checked out Spotify, went right for the premium option, and it's pretty great. I was never really against it, I just wanted to fuck with DC, and that was pretty rewarding for a while, but it ran it's course.
Over Thanksgiving I decided I'd give myself over fully to the cloud and the idea of access over ownership. I looked into Apple's iCloud service, which for $25 a year allows you to upload your library to the cloud to back it up and access it anywhere you want. Apple will match any song you have, even if you didn't purchase it through itunes and provide uniform quality (so if you have low-quality Mp3 uploaded when you access it via iCloud it will be of higher quality). But it will only upload up to 25,000 songs that haven't been purchased through itunes; I currently have 56,573 songs in my library. So that's not really the best option at the moment.

But Spotify's rad, for $10 it's well worth it. It has me checking out all sorts of things I haven't gotten my hands on. I've been digging deep into the oeuvre of Prefuse 73; dude is so prolific, great stuff, some of his Savath & Savalas stuff I hadn't checked out as well. But I guess some bands are pushing back. I've been waiting for the new Black Keys to drop on Spotify but I guess those dude's ain't playing ball. I see their point, though they are kind of an exception. Actually, probably worth a whole post about the Black Keys right now, crazy that they've literally become one of the biggest bands in the world, well deserved too. Anyway, I'm slowly moving away from my squirrel-like project of trying to get my hands on as much music as possible for my library and now I'm releasing myself to the glory of the cloud.......

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