Thursday, December 1, 2011


Another gem I saw on Altered Zones.

This is like a hipster Peter, Paul and Mary. Or maybe The Free Design (if you feel that). 60's pop sensibility and three part harmonies. Really great, I think I just hit the "over 10 listens in 24 hour period" mark.

I listened like 5 times before i googled them to put a face to the name. Amazing that what I'm listening to is produced by a three piece, but if you listen closely it checks out. It all comes across with zero irony, and, look at those pics... They're adorable! I want to give them a big hug and say "you knuckleheads! Keep up the good work!"

Everyone go listen to their one LP on Spotify 100 times so they can get $20 bucks.



rootless said...

Good stuff, I did indeed check them out on SPOTIFY, I liked it.

mandrew5000 said...

Listening to quilt - I like it, I saw melancholia earlier today and this is totally hitting the spot for me right now.
See, your email got me back on WWALT. I'll do my 2011 top listens too.