Thursday, December 15, 2011


I have to get this off my chest. I like The XX.

I like them, even though they sound like the soundtrack to "Sixteen Candles". Straight up, their song "VCR" was written to play during that last scene when Molly Ringwald finally connects with that other guy that looks like Matt Dillon.

This is music for 14 year olds to hold hands to in their parent's basement. This is music to cry to while you carve your ex-girlfriends name into your arm with an exacto knife.

How about this gem? "I want to drown, when you leave... can you teach me, gently... how to breathe?" Gabe, please help me find a word for this that doesn't start with a "G" or end in a "-AY". This is not music a 37 year old man should be listening to. At least its not Ke$$ha.

But having said that, it's really good shit. I really like Jamie XX's production. I go back to that Jamie XX vs. Gil Scot Heron record a lot, actually.

I came up on this interview with Jamie XX on, it's interesting that he shouts out RJD2 "Deadringer" as what got him started making beats/music.

Later. Don't you forget about me...



rootless said...

yeah, you really need to apologize and confess on this one. you ragged on me big time about liking this band. doesn't your mom like them, or something? I just wish I never looked up what that chick singer looks like, totally ruined it for me, damnit.

DC said...

hahaha, it's true, it's all true.