Friday, December 23, 2011

DC's Favorites of 2011

As originally contemplated in the astute post by Professor Peter a few weeks ago, this really isn't the "Best of 2011" list, it's really the "DC favorite’s of 2011" list.

Here are my #3 picks:

#3: BALAM ACAB. I first posted about the See Birds EP last January (I think?), which was great. After that, he had a song on a Beyonce/L'Oreal commercial, and his full length came out to much brou-ha-ha from Pitchfork, The Fader, and I think mainstream Rolling Stone, etc? It blew up is what I'm saying. I can’t lie, it bugs me that this kid is 17 years old and lives in his moms basement, not jealousy, but it affects how I perceive the music. The product is indisputable, however, the music is great. Epic super mellow chill out.

#2: Peaking Lights, "936". Man, what a fucking awesome album. Great album but (along with the #1 pick below) just totally in my personally sweet spot. Groove-based with beats + weird sounds + lo-fi chick vocals. The “press” called this a “dub” album, and I ain’t mad at that. Top shelf A+++ great album.

#1 spot goes too……… DRUM ROLL.............

Forest Swords! OH DAMN !!!! OH DAMN!!!! Forest Swords wins in a landslide. Stripped down beats (like, one tom tom stripped down), dj elements, atmospeheric vocals, but with spaghetti western guitar on top. Just a solid vibe/concept from beginning to end. Best possible album to listen to driving home out of the city late from band practice with half a buzz going. I haven’t done the analysis, but factoring in listens in the car, this has to be what I listen to most in 2011. Fucking awesome album, if you missed it go check it out. Also, it’s on Olde English Spelling Bee records. Rootless gets MVP award for tipping me off, PROPS.

Biggest music related life changer of 2011: TIE, Sonos and Spotify.

-Dirty Beaches
-Trouble Books with Mark McGuire (this CD is awesome if you missed it)
-Prince Jammy "Computerised Dub"
-Matthewdavid (a little anonymous but i like ti and it got a lot of play, good background music)
-That new Grouper joint(s)

Happy Holidays, guys. Thanks for all your posts and tipping me off to so much great music.


rootless said...

hahaha, as soon as I heard Forest Swords I knew you were gonna bug out. I take a small amount of credit for the Sonos tip. I thought you cooled off on Balam Acab from the full-length? I was a little under-whelmed by it. A few other picks on your list that I didn't know about, but will check out.

DC said...

I don't give you official MVP credit for Sonos, even though technically i think i may have heard the word "Sonos" from you first. I didn't really get what it was all about.

The Balam Acab full length is really good, i can't front.