Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Best Of 2012.....

My vote for best of, or favorite of, 2012 is hands down Flying Lotus’ “Until The Quiet Comes”.  Here's why:

1) It’s great.  The music is enjoyable, interesting, appeals to intellectual side but still a head-nodder, not too bugged out but still pretty bugged out.  Just a fantastic record.

2) After 1,000 listens, I still hear new stuff going on every time.  Little sounds, little movements, changes. 

3) I like that it fits within a genre – which is, I guess, what we called back in my day, “electronica”, or “IDM” aka intelligent dance music, hahahaha, worst genre name ever.  Let’s call it laptop music?  Whatever.  It is definitely of that music, but pushes the boundaries and within the parameters of that scene and that music has made something incredibly unique and envelope pushing.  I dig that.

4) It’s an inspiring LP that definitely was a shot in the arm and a kick in the ass to be more creative and make more sounds. 

5) It’s the kind of record that establishes a mood and certain vibe and headspace from the first note. 

6) He’s a cool bro.  He did tons of promotion for this thing, and it never came off as “selling out”.  However, it was the antithesis of being like too cool or too much of an “artist” to spend time and energy on promoting your product.  His promotion towards the album never took away from the artistic credibility of what he created or his integrity, but rather came off as legitimately being proud of something and wanting it heard, which was refreshing.  Maybe I’m tripping, but the way this was promoted stood out for me.

7) Apparently he had a really killer live show, wish I saw it.  Check link below.

8) The cover is awesome, killer image by B+ that captures the feel and vibe of the music perfectly.  The deluxe vinyl edition is beautiful.

9) Here’s a bunch of cool links to related stuff:

He did a live play-by-play while listening to his album on twitter that was interesting if you dig the album.  Someone must have ripped it to one spot, but i can't find it, so if you are interested go to his twitter feed on October 2nd and check it out.

Austin Peralta, jazz keyboard virtuoso and son of Stacy Peralta, died this year.  I knew he was down with Flying Lotus and all those guys, but only after checking out the liner notes did I realize he was really all over this thing and really made a mark, so that’s definitely sad.  Never really heard of him prior to his passing.

Anywho, that's it for me. Best of 2012, slam dunk, Flying Lotus!

Happy holidays.



rootless said...

good post, coming at the "best of" with a new direction. I've been waiting for that album to hit Spotify but after reading your post I decided to drop $10 on it. It's dope, doesn't grab me right away like some albums, but probably the kind of thing that will grow over time. Gotta check out some of those links you put up.

EJ said...

I can totally get behind this record as best of 2012. Start to finish it's incredible