Saturday, December 22, 2012

Best of 2012

What’s up ya’ll. Below is my best of list for 2012. Ever since the spotify revolution I’ve kept a file about what I check out on there, and this list is mainly pulled from that. There is a lot more that I have been feeling big time this year. I’ve listened to a lot more classical this year, continuing to learn about the music of Charles Ives, for instance. Read this biography and rode up to Vermont listening to “The Concord Sonatas” recently, that was all a big part of my 2012. But below is mainly what I got hip to this year and I was feeling in particular, with a couple notes here and there.

Sun Kil Moon, “Among the Leaves”

Mongold, “The Softest Glow”: Actually this is from 2011, but I saw them on a rooftop in Bushwick Memorial Day weekend and they killed it. I’ve seen them at Pianos since then, and just generally been following what’s up with them.

Beach House, “Bloom”

Frank Ocean, “Orange”

Mac Demarco, “Rock and Roll Night Club”: not feeling his new album “2” all that much, but really got into his EP released earlier.

Ducktails: this is one of the guy’s from Real Estate, only started listening to them this year. Not all of it is 100% solid gold, but enough of it is, and “surf’s up” is one of my favorite songs I heard this year.

Jana Hunter, “Carrion”: This is from 2007 but I heard it this year, such a great mellow feel, can’t get tired of it.

Holy Other, “Held”

Steve Hauschildt, “sequitur”: Another album I could listen to on repeat forever. Anything by Emeralds (actually they had a pretty killer album this year too) or any of those dude’s side projects I’m all over. 

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EJ said...

I'll have to check some of that stuff out. Can't get behind Beach House, though. I don't get why it's been on so many "best of" lists lately.