Thursday, December 13, 2012

Nirvana - Can We Do Better Than a Living Legend?

As a sometimes poster on the site and someone who respects the opinions of those on this blog, I wanted to toss the following out at you all...

For some reason I felt compelled to watch the 12-12-12 concert last night.  I knew it would suck and be mostly annoying, and I have the excuse that I was 'watching for work purposes,' but it was worse than I could imagine.  However we're not here to discuss the fact that no rock star should ever wear a turtleneck on stage (your rocker card has been revoked, Jon Bon Jovi.)  I'm sure if any of you watched, it was for the same reason I ultimately see Paul McCartney play with Nirvana.   While it wasn't horrifically awful as I imagined it would be and while my love for the Beatles is well-chronicled, I couldn't help but wonder the following:

If Nirvana was going to re-unite for one night, who SHOULD front the band in Kurt's place?  The rules are simple.  You can pick anyone currently alive, but you have to use them in their current state (ie., no taking 1992 Eddie Vedder or 1971 Mick Jagger.  You pick Eddie, you're getting short haired-bearded dude, etc.)  I started this conversation with a buddy of mine and came up with the following possibilities:

1.  Dave Grohl moves to front man and the drummer from Foo Fighters or QOTSA or something takes over on drums.  It keeps the front man in-house, but we've seen what happens when Dave Grohl fronts a band and I don't think anyone wants that.
2.  Trent Reznor - I like this idea, but he's an old dad now and I think the style is just a bit off.
3.  The dude from Cold War Kids.  No one knows who he is, he's got the desperation and anger, but at the end of the day, net-net, it is what it is (copyright DC,) I think his voice is a little to big and high-pitched.

Ultimately, I realized there's really just one answer:  Courtney Love.  I know, I know...she and Dave Grohl hate each other...she's a giant drug whore, etc.  But let's all admit that the first Hole record was awesome and she has the voice, the vibe and the history to pull it off.  Put it this way, if I call you up and say, I have 2 tickets to the Nirvana show and Courtney Love is fronting the band, you're going to beg me for the extra ticket.

Or maybe I'm wrong.  If I am, prove it.  Post your thoughts below.  The bar is set at Courtney Love.  Usually, that's not a very good thing...


ator said...

This may seem like an odd choice, but I think I'd go with someone with a voracious set of pipes who knows the grunge routine inside and out and can still belt it out.

That's right, I'm talking about:

Chris Cornell

it would be rad to hear the Nirvana screaming parts with more of a "metal" edge to them :)

DC said...

The idea of Courtney Love fronting a Nirvana reunion is the most audacious think I've heard in a long time.

I can't think of anything better though. Except maybe a holographic Kurt a la Tupac at Coachella? Or, even better, a TUPAC hologram fronting Nirvana!!

Paul did a pretty good job. That was way better than expected.


EJ said...

Chris Cornell...interesting. He can still belt it out. I got the new Soundgarden (per DC's suggestion) and didn't hate it. It's no Badmotorfinger, know.
Anyway, what about Frank Black?
Neil Young??