Sunday, December 30, 2012

electronic sonata for souls loved by nature

Those that know me know I'm notorious for selling shit to buy shit to sell to buy more shit.  Like, sell 100 records to buy a guitar, then sell the guitar a year later to get 100 records, then sell 100 records to get a moog, etc, etc...

I know I've had this record at least once... I feel like more than that.  George Russell's "Electronic Sonata for Souls Loved by Nature".  It was released on both the Strata East and Flying Dutchman labels.  I must have listened to it.  The problem with my approach to the fluid ownership of things is that I probably sell some stuff that I don't "get" at the time, whereas now that I am older and wiser with a more refined musical palate I could probably dig a lot of that stuff.

Luckily for me this is on Spotify... and YouTube, check the first "Event".  So dope:

Maybe the free jazz freak out breakdown was too much for me... Anywho, the first few minutes are solid gold dynamite.


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shadow of shathragot said...

It starts out great, then goes into the free jazz experimental void. I appreciate a few minutes of freakout, but its always good to bring it back around. It could be that players are so talented they get bored, and just say,"F-it man, lets blow their minds with this"!