Thursday, December 20, 2012


... is so deep.  Everything from the Blood and Fire reggae label is up there.

Bla Blazo, I know you have all that on vinyl, but for me i'm going "add to playlist" crazy.

Also, I'd like to take a minute to shout out "Personal Space: Electronic Soul 1974-1984", I've never given this the proper attention until tonight.  It's fuggin' great.  That shit is up on the 'fy as well.

Really looking forward to the weekend, you guys.



blablazo said...

Haha, I have most on vinyl but not all. Towards the end they stopped releasing vinyl but had a deal with a label called Select Cuts to issue 180 gram vinyl versions.

Do they have the B&F version of Burning Spear's "Social Living" on Spotify?

BTW, I think mentioned this on here already but the same people behind B&F started a new label called King Spinna.

rootless said...

listening to this now, good stuff.

DC said...

Yes, re: Burning Spear's Social Living.


blablazo said...

Cool. There was a weird licensing deal with that release. Now all B&F releases are out of print because they're de facto out of business, but when Social Living was originally released they were only allowed to sell a certain amount or for a specific amount of time or something. I don't remember the exact details.

Now there is some weird shit going on with Burning Spear Music saying Ernie B and RAS, among others, were ripping him off by selling bootleg copies of his work. As of today, there are no Burning Spear releases being sold on Ernie B's because Spear and his wife asked them to stop selling their work.

It's interesting to learn there's Burning Spear music up on Spotify.