Sunday, July 24, 2011

Autre Ne Veut

Autre Ne Veut: S/T, Olde English Spelling Bee 2010

Yesterday I hooked up the turntable that's just been sitting here in our apartment, took the bus down to the record store, and bought the first LP I've ever walked into a store and shelled out for. This was that LP- Autre Ne Veut's debut from December of last year. It's synthesizer R&B that looks back over its shoulder at the '90s (in the British sense of '90s R&B infused dance music) whilst keeping ten fingers firmly on the control surface of a very densely layered and arranged set of wobbly electronics.

Autre Ne Veut: Body EP 2011 (yes, that's supposed to be the cover art)
This is the record that alerted me to the existence of this band in the first place. You can hear a little more Erasure in the influences on this one. The idea of typical pop song structure and forward motion seems to have found a better foothold in the guy's head by the time he started working on this record, to boot. The opening track, "Sweetheart", grabbed me right away.

Autre Ne Veut - Sweetheart by Liunatic


Gabino said...

I could never make up my mind about this guy

Igor said...

I don't know if I'd have given him the time of day if I had read about him first, especially since the few reviews I've read since contain the word "histrionics" as a positive modifier. In an information vacuum, however, he makes weird electronic music that I could get into.

DC said...

Not my thing personally, but i appreciate you got the turntable hooked up. FB me your address and i'll send you a care package to start filling out your LP shelf.