Saturday, July 2, 2011

July 4th Super Post

What's happening, broheims. Happy 4th of July. Here are a few random things that have been on my mind:

This is my all time #1 summer time jam. Ras Michael and Sons of Negus "Rastafari Dub". This CD has been in my car for a few years, and once it gets played it doesn't leave the stereo for 9 or 10 listens. I actually bought this on iTunes originally, but I found it on MediaFire. Top shelf.

Here's another reason I love collecting records. I have like three full shelves of random bullshit, like stuff i drag out and sell for $1.00 a record when i have a Garage Sale (which i probably bought for $1.00 at a Garage Sale). There is some good stuff in there, i guess, but lots and lots of trash. Anyway, i was going through it looking for samples and came up on this Milton Nascimiento record. The cover is gayer than chopped salad, but then i threw it on the turntable, and it's actually really, really good! Just slipped through the net somehow. The record was recorded in 1973, but cover is from 1988. Looks can be deceiving, grasshopper. Below is a stand out cut that i really dig for some reason... the YouTube clip has some crazy video footage I'll use for a Scoobie Brothers video:

I guess i said Super Post but I mainly just wanted to comment on those 2 things. Trouble Books & Mark McGuire is a super duper album, should be able to find it on the internet. The new Beastie Boys is actually getting a fair amount of play on my commute and what not. I listened to that Dirty Beaches record a few times this week, its good.

All right, have a great holiday my friends.



ator said...

Milton Nascimento has a really sweet voice, no doubt about it. I think of him almost as a Brazilian counterpart to Sam Cooke

I'll be checking out that other disc too.

I see yer still rocking the 'stache. Nice!

Happy belated 4th. I cant believe Kobiyashi is still banned from the competitive eating circuit, but thats crazy he ate 69 hot dogs on a rooftop somewhere in Manhattan. Only in America.

blablazo said...

Nice Bobby Ellis record.

blablazo said...

And the Sons of Negus is one of my top ten favorite bands. Rastafari Dub has to be one of the best dub albums ever. Way better than the source album, Rastafari.