Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Soundgarden@ The Forum in L.A.

They went on right at 9:00 as we walked in (missed Mars Volta) and proceeded to blow it up for 2.5 hours! I never know what to expect from bands who break up, and claim they will never reunite and play again. This show exceeded my expectations. Matt Cameron is a fine drummer. They have a ton of drum heavy songs, but I didn't appreciate it until hearing him live, and he sings backup! Cornell can still hit most if not all the high notes, which is madness. Kim Thayil played all the dropped d sludge riffs you'd ever need and blazed through all the solos in fine form. Can't say much about the bass playing, I could barely hear it on most songs. Maybe it was the acoustics, my location, or the mix. A 25 song set including encore, not too much chatter between songs,Mike Mcready played guitar on Superunknown, and a long bass/guitar feedback extravaganza to end the night. I'd really like to hear them at Nokia or some newer venue.

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ator said...

yeah, Matt Cameron is a stud.

I really dig Kim Thayil's guitarwork too, but one complaint about the guy.... he's a fucking statue on stage. Homey needs to rock out a bit from time to time, at least pretend like he enjoys his job!!

on the other hand, i guess a guy like Tony Iommi wasn't exactly a fountain of Manic Energy, but then he was in Black Sabbath so all is forgiven