Sunday, July 17, 2011

Help Me Build My Summer Playlist

Okay, crowd participation here . . . I want a nice playlist for the rest of the summer, so everybody pitch in with their favorite summer songs.  I would prefer new material, but toss in some old stuff too if you're feelin' it.

Post as many times as you wish.

Here's my first summer hit:

and just for grins:


DC said...

"Dials - Pass of Arms" popped into my head for all time blissed out sunny jam. I found it on this page.

tj said...

As much as I don't particularly care for the rest of their music, Cold Cave's "Life Magazine" is just waiting to be the soundtrack to someone's summer montage.

shadow of shathragot said...

Ramsey Lewis: Hot Dawgit
Kurt Vile: In My Time
Janelle Monae: Violet Stars Happy Hunting!
The Civil Wars: Barton Hollow
Donnie Dubson: Last Night
The Verlaines: Heavy 33
Old, new, jazz, drum and bass, folk, indie, the whole enchilada!

Bill Zink said...

Thanks - Anybody else?