Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Pearl Jam: Self Pollution Radio

In honor of my nostaglia trip to see a reformed Soundgarden on Friday night I am posting this. If you are jonesing for some mid 90's grunge check this out. Recorded live in Seattle 1995 this was a 4 hour radio broadcast with live tracks from Soundgarden, Pearl Jam, Mad Season, The Fastbacks, Mudhoney, Krist from Nirvana w/ Pearl Jam. Lots of phone calls, chatter and they play tracks from Descendents,Hovercraft and a whole lotta other stuff. The have a section where dudes are playing their mix tapes!

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rootless said...

I haven't checked out this video yet, but was thinking about Pearl Jam today. A college buddy of mine wrote this gushing post about meeting Eddie Vedder, he basically waited for the dude to come out after a concert, was a huge life experience for him, Peal Jam was a big deal for many people, me included at that time.