Thursday, March 17, 2011

Bottomless Pit

I haven't felt this way about a band on hearing them the first time since Deerhunter. Bottomless Pit is two of the guys from Silkworm, the drummer from Seam (another band I've been listening to a lot of recently) and the bassist from a band called .22. These are Chicago peeps. It all has that Electrical Audio sound to the drums and the tonefreaky purity of the guitar tones, along with that close vocal- loud, but butting right up against everything else in the mix vying for attention- the thing that Sea and Cake do so well. Sometimes I think that all I'm missing in music is '90s Chicago. You can stream their two albums and one EP from their site.


DC said...

I streamed all this stuff and liked it, thanks for the heads up. But more importantly (to me), this reminded me to listen to Sea and Cake "The Faun". What a top notch album.

Igor said...

That is a great record- did you ever hear the remix, "Two Gentlemen?"

Aaron Poehler said...

We brought them to Bloomington to play 2nd Story in the 90s and Mike was a hell of a nice guy; his passing was such a loss I guess I missed the announcement the remaining SKWM guys formed another band. Looking forward to checking this stuff out.