Friday, March 11, 2011

I've been on an electro/early 80's kick lately. Here are a few recent scores. Shannon, as mentioned in my Ke$ha post (haha, don't care what anyone says, that shit is dope - suck it, haters) was a buck, same with Duck Rock. The David Astri, which is probably worth about $50, was $0.50. If you like this kind of music and know what you're looking for, bargains abound.


DC said...

How many records deep is your collection, blablazo? Peace to molon.

blablazo said...

Haha. Molon is still operational as far as I know.

I probably have 2000+ pieces of vinyl. I'm on under the name blablazo -

It says I have 2350 releases in my collection but some of those are CDs and I have a shit-ton of stuff that's not on there. Slowly adding them as I digitize the collection.

blablazo said...

Oh yeah, if you don't know about discogs it's an awesome site to keep track of what you got. Check it.

And Ke$sha for ever bishes!! Don't have that on vinly of my very few itunes store purchases. I tried to find a Tik Tok 12" but it seems like there are only bootlegs out (at least according to discogs) - that's really hard for me to believe...and all the copies for sale are from European sellers. Fuck that noise.