Sunday, March 27, 2011


Saw this in a crate at a Garage Sale and got real excited:

Picked it up to realize that water damage had essentially stuck this and three other records together into one blob. This is what I wound up with:

Oh well, vinyl is pretty clean and it was $.50 cents. Also got an old school punk comp with Red Kross and Social Distortion on it, Grateful Dead "Reckoning", and an Arnold Palmer "How to Play Golf" LP from the 60's.



Gabino said...

Lost my last best crate of of vinyl, the stuff I would never sell, to a flood and water damage. When you have those outer plastic sleeves on and the cover gets soaked the paper swells up so much you can't get the shit out. I guess I could have saved the actual vinyl but it was such a depressing mess I just had to pitch them all.

tj river said...


Scan that shit!

Design dork porn!