Monday, March 28, 2011

More 80s Electro - These Beats are for the Freaks

Super dope Egyptian Lover 12". Picked it up on Saturday at a flea market. Little water damage on the cover but the vinyl is almost mint.


DC said...

Oh shit, i almost forgot! I heard a Ke$ha song on the radio when i was in Illinois. hahahahahahahahahaha, terrible.

But I'm down with Egyptian Lover, that was a huge Flea Market score. I think you and me are the only vinyl guys on here, we need to start a spin off blog...

blablazo said...

Terrible?!?!?! Surely you jest!!

When were you in IL? I've been trying to make my way to the NYC area for a while now. Going to try and make it out there before the year is over.

Not sure I have much to say about the music but I'm going to start posting records as I digitize them.