Saturday, March 19, 2011

updates, praises, confessions from the 80s, etc.

What's up, ya'll, haven't posted in a while, hope all is well.

Hope you guys have gotten hip to the blog Glowing Raw, which I know has been shouted out on here at least once. Some great stuff on there, in particular if you're interested in experimental music. Easy download ability as dude posts mainly with mediafire, in my experience the best of the filesharing services.

The James Blackshaw album "Celeste" has been a huge score, but it's William Basinski album "92982" that I've been feeling most. Super-minimal neo-classical/ambient stuff, 100% solid gold for late night brooding or morning wake up, I love this stuff. Dude from Glowing Raw writes really well and it's worth reading his post about Basinski in full. I think I posted a while back about a Basinski performance at Issue Project Room in Brooklyn, meditative and almost holy, the whole room bathed in lasers, so cool. I didn't get it from Glowing Raw but he mentioned the Tim Hecker album "An Imaginary Country" and I got that and it's amazing.

On on the indie-rock tip, that Heron-remix thing was meh, but props to DC for getting me to check out XX, digging that album big time, love that song "Shelter" in particular, that chick has the sexiest voice, I don't want to find a picture of her in case she's not attractive and it ruins the image in my mind. I'm also feeling the new Beach Fossils album, "What a Pleasure". Oh, anyone into James Blake? This might get hit with the "gay" label by some people on this blog (you know who you are) with all the auto-tune stuff going on, but dude writes good songs and the electronics are interesting, he sold out an upcoming show at Music Hall of Williamsburg. The new Kurt Vile, "Smoke Ring for my Halo" has grown on me after being initially freaked out because it's so well-recorded.

On another note, I got a Sonos system installed in my new apartment, pretty cool, I can control the volume of the music independently in different rooms, play different music at the same time in those rooms, control everything from an ap on my iphone, still getting to know it but so far so good.

Finally, those in their mid-30s might feel me on the 80s moment I just had in the grocery store. The Till Tuesday song "Voices Carry" came on and took me back to the early MTV days, watching videos at home, and the whole narrative of that song--the business dude dating the artsy chick he's trying to keep in the down low--made an impression on my young mind. I'm pretty sure they opened up for Hall & Oates, which was the first concert I ever went to (hahaha). As I was paying I almost broke into those vocals at the end of the song where the chick is in the theater and she breaks out shouting and embarrasses her banker sugar-daddy. I kept it under control but I wonder what the Latina chick ringing me up would have done if I totally went for it.


Gabino said...

Love the James Blake

Pete said...

"He said..Shut up! He said..shut up! Great, you just made me sing that shit.

Gabino said...

honestly, I like voices carry more than any of her solo stuff I've heard. something about her voice bugs the crap out of me.

Bill Zink said...

The wife is a big Aimee Mann fan. The crosses I bear.

DC said...

I like that Til Tuesday joint. I love that synth sound on there, same as "Blinded me With Science", I think... it's like the Roland SH-12 or something? The kind that you can turn into a keytar.

Pete said...

If I had a dollar for every time keytar is mentioned on this site...

Gabino said...!download|248tl3|128263831|TILTUE1.rar|72630


My 6 year old told me he wants to play the keytar, it's what Plex rocks on Yo Gabba Gabba.