Thursday, March 31, 2011


I've only found a few vids online of this band. They are definitely cultivating a mysterious angle. Which is cool. They espouse some, I assume faux, "purpose."

They are apparently playing their first US shows this weekend in the NYC area (

Here's a link to a vimeo page with a few songs/vids:

As to the music, I'm really quite digging it. Grandiose sounding, dare I say epic, yet fun.

WU LYF-spitting it concrete like the golden sun god from LUCIFER YOUTH FOUNDATION on Vimeo.


ator said...

when i hear bands like this, i realize what a big influence "Animal Collective" has been on a lot of current bands. Seems like a lot of HS kids who were heavily into Animal Collective are now starting bands of their own. thats my take, at least

Pete said...

Puts forefinger on nose and nods.