Friday, March 11, 2011

Couple Good Ones

The Black Ryder - "Buy The Ticket, Take The Ride".

Random LP I bought on a whim based on packaging and record store blurb. Really good music, on the My Bloody Valentine or Brian Jonestown Massacre tip. Three chords through tons of delay and reverb. Just good tunes to rock out to while doing the dishes, occasionally taking a break to play air guitar along to a solo. Also you can add this to your all "black" playlist along with The Black Keys, the Black Lips, Black Flag, Black Dice and, uh... Melvin van Peebles.

Bardo Pond, s/t

What's up with these guys? No idea. A few of the tunes are on the Sonic Youth, early 90's grunge/rock tip, so I thought some of you would like it. But it also has a few like 20 minute epic jams. It's a good disc, definitely worth a mediafire download for zero dollars. Think I found this at "Glowing Raw", if you know that blog.

Peace to Ke$$$ha.


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